Mayor's Corner

Mayor Jerry

When we can, how we can, we all can help our fellow community members. Dig deep, reach into to your heart, find a way to help your community members…your community.

I heartily recommend Halsey residents come to City hall and look at our little museum, see how tight out community was, how active we were…we could be. It is no secret that we are a bedroom community for Corvallis, Albany, and Eugene, but at the end of the day WE are our own community. We have family, we have neighbors, we have faith, we have trust and we have love for our neighbors. Never, ever forget that we are our brother's keeper. We help each other, we keep each other grounded, we keep each other honest.

Look into the future. What do you want for our children? Our grandchildren? How can we make our community a better place?

- Mayor Jerry






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