Mayor's Corner

Mayor Jerry

Welcome to September! 

How are you all liking the progress of our road project? It has been a long time coming and the progress has been amazing to me. The many subprojects are all coming together nicely for a finished product.
Have you noticed the cooler weather starting to come in? Hopefully, the cooler weather and abundant moonlight helps the firefighters get all of the fires under control. If you’d like to keep an eye on all the fires in our area, download the "Watch Duty" app for your phone. It has been interesting getting updates on the progress of the firefighting efforts.
I hope everyone had a great  time at the BBQ and Movie Night. We had a great turn out. Thanks to HSFD Firefighters and EMTs for manning the BBQ.
Your City Council has noticed that few people have been coming to our Third Thursday events. I am very interested in what you all are wanting to do for community events instead of Third Thursday. Please shoot me an email with your ideas. I would like to see more community events but I need your input.
As always, please send me an email at, or leave messages for me at City Hall with your comments and concerns, and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

And with that , I remain YOUR Mayor, I work for you.
-Mayor Jerry





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