How Do I Shut Off My Water?
Click HERE for information on how to shut off the water at your property.
What is the Right-of-Way and Why Does it Matter?
The right-of-way is the area between your property line and the paved street. It may include a sidewalk and planting strip, or it may be a grassy swale, or gravel, or have a ditch. Home owners are responsible for maintaining the right-of-way, including mowing. You may also use it in certain ways. Vehicles may be parked in the right-of-way for up to 72 hours at a time. You cannot store personal property on the right-of-way. If you want to change the right-of-way (widen your driveway, create a graveled parking area, add or change drainage) you need to get a Right-of-Way Permit from the City.
What Can be Done About Nutria in Halsey?
If you live in Halsey, you’re likely to see a nutria at some point. Nutria look similar to a beaver, but are smaller and have a rat-like tail. Nutria live near bodies of water, and commonly make homes in Halsey’s ditches and culverts. In Oregon, nutria are classified as unprotected Non-game Wildlife (OAR 635-044-0132). As unprotected wildlife, nutria may be trapped (cannot be relocated) or shot. No license is needed for a landowner to control nutria on his/her own property. Halsey has restrictions on the discharging of firearms within City limits, so live trapping is generally the best option. 

The City does not trap or otherwise remove nutria. Residents are advised to hire a professional trapper if you have a nutria problem. 

For more information about nutria in Oregon, please click here.
How do I Report a Burn Out or Faulty Street Light?
It is important that there is adequate lighting on the city streets. If you notice a street light that is out or not working properly, please contact City Hall. City staff will need the following information: nearest address; nearest cross street; and the pole number. Pacific Power also asks for a description of what the problem is (Light Out, Cycling Light, Day Burner, or Lens Broken). Alternatively, you can report street light outages/issues to Pacific Power on their website.
Can I Have Chickens?
Yes.You must keep them contained on your property. Most folks use a chicken coop or clip their wing feathers. You cannot let them wander off your property. There are restrictions to how many chickens you may have based on lot size and roosters are not permitted within City limis. Click HERE to view the Livestock & Poultry Ordinance.
Does my Dog Need a License?
Yes. Dog licenses are not issued by the city. You may obtain a dog license through Linn County Animal Control in Albany.  For more information, call (541) 967-3925
Any Other Rules About Dogs & Other Pets?
You must keep your dog on a leash or confined to your yard. If you walk your pet around town or go to the park, please clean up your pet’s waste. There is a pet station at the park with bags.
Do I Need a Permit for a Shed or a Fence?
You don’t need a permit for a fence, but you do have to comply with the rules in the development code. Sheds smaller than a certain size do not need a permit, but larger, do. To get answers to some basic questions, click HERE for our Sheds, Fences & Driveways Flyer, or pick one up at City Hall.
How Do I Know if I Need a Building Permit?
There is some basic information available on our Planning & Building Page.  You may also download application packets on the forms page. Still not sure? Give us a call or stop in to City Hall and we’ll help you figure out what you need to do for your project.
Where Can I Park my Boat/RV/Trailer?
Your RV, boat, or trailer needs to be stored on your own property and may not be stored on the street or in the City Right-of-Way. You may park it on the street for up to 96 hours to load or clean it out, or to have guests stay.
Can I Live in an RV on Private Property?
Per Halsey Municipal Code, recreational vehicle camping or temporary residency is permitted on privately owned residential property, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Individuals intending to camp or temporarily reside on private residential property in a recreational vehicle must register with the city before camping can commence.
  • Residential camping requires written permission from the property owner.  The property owner can rescind permission at any time.
  • Residential camping may occur only in vehicles designed for occupancy, including recreational vehicles, campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and similar.
  • Recreational vehicles used for camping on residential property may be placed in the side or rear yard or in a paved or graveled driveway.
  • Recreational vehicles used for camping on residential property must comply with the setbacks identified in the Halsey Development Code for accessory structures, unless the camper first applies to the City for an exception, and if that application is approved.
  • Discharging gray or blackwater from RVs into the Halsey sewer system or storm drainage system, including ditches, is prohibited.
  • No personal property may be stored outside the RV unless it is contained in another structure such as a shed.
  • No more than three such recreational vehicle campers shall be allowed on any residential property.
  • Use of generators is prohibited between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am.
How Do I Reserve the Park or Community Center?
The Park Pavillion & Community Center/Kitchen (located on the first floor of City Hall) are reservable for events. Call City Hall to check available dates. Please visit the Reservations page for more details
Where is the Library?
The Library is located at 773 W 1st Street, just one block east of Hwy 99 E behind the fire station. Hours vary by season. Keep an eye on the newsletter and the Library page for special events and programs for kids!
Can I Have a Burn Pile?
Yes. Burning may be restricted at certain times of the year. Call the burn line at (541) 451-1904. You can also call the Halsey-Shedd Rural Fire Protection District at (541) 369-2419. Only certain things are burnable. It is never okay to burn trash or plastics
What Are the Rules About Tall Grass?
There is a tall grass and noxious weeds ordinance in the City of Halsey in effect from May 15th to September 15th every year. Click HERE to view the ordinance. If you have grass or weeds taller than 10”, you may receive a letter requiring you to mow.
Is Solicitation Allowed in Halsey?
Did you know that if someone knocks on your door to try to sell you something, they are supposed to have a Solicitor’s License issued by the City of Halsey?  Any time a salesperson knocks on your door, you should ask to see it.

A solicitor’s license is required for each individual sales person, so if they tell you  “my company has one,” it isn’t true.  The City of Halsey requires that Solicitors and Peddlers apply for a license prior to conducting any selling activity. If a license is issued, it is a small, laminated card with the City of Halsey logo, name of the sales person, and the company they work for.   

If you are ever uncomfortable with a salesperson coming to your house, ask to see their license.  You may also call the Linn County Sheriff Non-Emergency line at 541-967-3911 to notify them that someone is going door to door without a license.  Even if they have a license, if they behave inappropriately or make you uncomfortable, please call LCSO.
Where Can I Find the Sweet Home Sanitation Collection Schedule?
Trash, Recycling, & Yard Debris Services in Halsey are Provided by Sweet Home Sanitation. Recycling and Yard Debris Pick-Up are on a Rotating Weekly Schedule. To Find the Current Collection Schedule, Click HERE.
Where Can I get Information About Air Quality and the Mills West of Halsey City Limits?
There are two mill facilities west of Halsey City Limits, Cascade Pacific Pulp and Georgia Pacific. Occasionally there is an unpleasant smell/aroma in Halsey that originates from Cascade Pacific Pulp and drifts into Halsey. If you have questions about their environmental policies or air quality, you may contact them 24/7 at 541-369-1612. You may also contact the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) with Concerns.
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