Spring Clean Up Day

Spring Clean-Up Graphic with Grass and Sky
Sweet Home Sanitation's Annual Spring Clean-Up Day is coming up on Saturday, June 8th. 

This event will be curbside pick-up service. All Items must be at the curb no later than 7am on Saturday, June 8th. Do not place items in the right-of-way, or on the sidewalk, or curb until two weeks prior to the event. Do not place items in the street or in ditches. Items larger than 4'x4'x4' or weighing more than150 lbs will not be picked up (except refrigerators). The total volume of all items at a single household may not exceed a total area of 4'x4'x12'. This event is for Halsey residents only. 

Accepted Items:
-Tires (Must be in a Separate Pile)
-Lumber (No Longer Than 4 ft Long and in Separate Pile)
-Metal (In a Separate Pile)
-Plastics (Bundled, Not Loose)
-Large Furniture, Appliances, and Mattresses (Limit 2 Per House, Size Cannot Exceed 4'x4'x4')

Unaccepted Items
-Household Garbage & Recyclables
-Hazardous Waste
-Electronic Waste & Batteries
-Unbundled or Loose Trash
-Yard Debris, Sod, Timber, Insulation
-Items Larger than 4'x4'x4' or Over 150 lbs (Except Refrigerators)
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Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Closed 12 PM - 1 PM